Re-Bound Ltd., UK​

Sezione Aurea firma l’identità visiva per il progetto Re-Bound UK, una dinamica azienda inglese, che produce prodotti eco-sostenibili per il giardinaggio domestico, professionale e architettonico riciclando la gomma degli pneumatici.
L’esigenza di un marchio facilmente riconoscibile online, offline e stampabile su qualsiasi materiale, ha generano un semplice lettering in Helvetica. L’occhiello della “d” è formato da una foglia, così da richiamare la vocazione ambientalista del brand.

Anche per l’edizione 2012 della fiera internazionale Glee (16-18 Settembre 2012, NEC Birmingham, UK) il nostro studio progetta lo stand e tutti i materiali di marketing. Inoltre Sezione Aurea avvia una campagna di promozione online del brand Re-Bound UK attraverso eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr e Twitter.

(EN) Re-Bound UK, was born out of the necessity to recycle tyres, one of the most difficult products to recycle, therefore, improving the environment for us all. Rubber Recovery Limited is now one of the largest producer in the United Kingdom of Coloured Rubber Chippings for use as either a replacement for wood mulch, or as a safety play surface.
Looking to the future, we will continue to expand the products we offer, focussing on taking waste materials and manufacturing, new, exciting products. Our commitment to develop sustainable and recycled products creates a real opportunity to complete the recycling loop. Your investment in our products, not only makes life easier for you but will help create a better world for us all.
One of Re-Bound UK product:

  • Re-Bound UK Play Safe Rubber Chippings, made from recycled rubber
  • ReBound’s Play Safe Rubber Chippings is the preferred play surface for school, nurseries and play areas throughout the UK.

Not only does it offer the best protection against falls than any other surface available, in never needs to be replaced.
Amongst its many benefits this easy to lay product offers all year round use, whether sun, rain or snow, ReBound Play Safe Rubber Chippings will allow your kids to use their play area in all conditions.